About Us


Our Board of Directors

Jay R. Goldstein, Chairman and CEO
Algot F. Thorell, Jr., Vice Chairman
David Gerson, Director
Bob Marino, President, Mid-Atlantic Region
Bret Perkins, Director

Our Management Team

Jay R. Goldstein, Chairman and CEO

Jay R. Goldstein
Chairman and CEO

Bob Marino, Business Development Consultant

Bob Marino
President, Mid-Atlantic region

Peter A. Bucci, Chief Lending Officer

Peter A. Bucci
Chief Lending Officer

Elizabeth M. Iovine, Chief Operating Officer

Elizabeth M. Iovine
Chief Operating Officer

Lesley Seitchik, Vice President of Marketing

Lesley Seitchik
Vice President of Marketing

Our Lending Team

Deb Plazio, Senior Vice President

Deb Plazio
Senior Vice President

Curt Schulmeister, Senior Vice President

Curt Schulmeister
Senior Vice President

Scott Smith, Senior Vice President

Scott Smith
Senior Vice President

Alexander J. Zetick, Senior Vice President

Alexander J. Zetick
Senior Vice President

Traci J. Kelly, Vice President

Traci J. Sebastian
Vice President

Renae Stennett, Assistant Vice President, Lending Team

Renae Stennett
Vice President

Our Administrative Team

Althea Willis, Vice President of Loan Administration

Althea Willis
Vice President

Juanita Harris, Director of Loan Operations

Juanita Harris
Director of Loan Operations