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Philadelphia makes it onto Conde Nast’s The Best Destinations in the World: The 2021 Gold List

The author writes…”There’s really something special about Philadelphia, about the way it doesn’t care for pretense or about what anyone else thinks of it. One place I return to both in daydream and reality is Fairmount Park, behind the famed art museum, and the miles-long pathway that traces a circle around that part of the Schuylkill River. I think about the Italian Market and its small world of vendors, about the mosaics glinting in the sun, the digestible chaos of Chinatown, the essential, if flawed, sense of American history, the beautiful, dilapidated row houses that speak to the promise of equality we haven’t yet reached as a country. Spiritually, it’s my city.” Here’s the whole article:

Philly real estate developers and investors...on 12/10/2020 City Council approved major legislation...affecting the 10 year real estate abatement program and passing a 1% new construction tax. Read all about it

More positive news for Philly...Travel + Leisure features 9-page spread on 'diversity and creativity' in Philadelphia neighborhoods...our great City....